Being Chinese and NOT Eating Rice Often

I rarely cook rice at home.  I haven’t even used my rice cooker since November 2014!  And I’m of Chinese descent.  As a child, I ate rice nearly daily – always at dinner as I ate western-style breakfasts (eggs and… Continue Reading

So What *IS* My ‘Official’ Mother Tongue?

It’s not census time in Canada, but one question has always been in my mind.  What am I supposed to answer when they ask about my so-called “mother tongue?”  Do I REALLY say that it’s Cantonese?  Or should I say… Continue Reading

‘Is Cynthia Your Real Name?’ and Other Weird Comments

The now-cancelled #racetogether campaign at American Starbucks locations had me thinking.  Ethnic issues aren’t something that I think about on a daily basis – it’s not something that really “affects” me all that often.  However, once in a while, things… Continue Reading

My Grandmother Said Ballet Makes Legs ‘Fat…’

Totally WTF, right?  But this was what my grandmother told me to discourage me from dancing.  I only know one other person who had a family member tell her that and yes, she, too is first generation Canadian with Chinese… Continue Reading

Baked French Toast with Hong Kong Style Coconut Bread

Coconut bread, also known as “cocktail bread” (gai may bao in Cantonese), is readily available at Chinese bakeries and grocery stores (like T&T). This sweet-tasting bread is perfect for making French toast, which is what we did on Christmas Day. … Continue Reading

Las Vegas Dining: Tacos and Dumplings at China Poblano

If you recall, a while back, I wrote about dining at Scarpetta in Vegas, located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Another restaurant in the same hotel is China Poblano, which features Chinese-Mexican fusion.  This unusual version of fusion is only the… Continue Reading

Some Delicious Lunar New Year Foods

The Lunar New Year is almost upon us.  In fact, the year of the snake starts this coming Sunday.  New Year foods can vary from region to region and from household to household.  There is jai, of course, eaten on… Continue Reading

On Dealing With Family, Dining and Food Pushing

Over the holidays, one often had to deal with lots of family gatherings.  And family gatherings means lots and lots of food.  My parents are from Hong Kong, so food plays an even bigger part of events.  It’s very much… Continue Reading

Blue Dragon Stir Fry sauce Recipe 1: Sweet and Sour Beef

I was contacted by the PR company who works with Blue Dragon, a company that makes a series of delicious stir-fry and other Asian-inspired sauces before the holidays.  As I was going away, I asked that they hold of sending… Continue Reading