Food Network Star: Is Joy Being Exploited for her Cuisine Ignorance?

My husband and I have been watching Food Network Star this season and I think I have an idea who the finalists will be.  I won’t say whom just yet, though.  However, I want to talk about one contestant –… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Episode 5: Snack Cakes, Other Treats and Susur Lee

Finally, Susur Lee makes his appearance on Chopped Canada!  And having him on the show definitely makes things more interesting – for one, he’s more critical of the chefs.  In fact, he’s like that teacher everyone hated in elementary school… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada #4: Chocolate and Shrimp?

Last night’s Chopped Canada definitely had very interesting baskets, and in all three rounds.  The first, for example, consisted of PEI oysters, dried shrimp, chocolate shavings and wasabi peas, definitely not the easiest basket to use.  In fact, I’m not… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Episode 3: Let’s Use Fake Cheese!

And I don’t mean vegan cheese.  Yes, people, one of the mandatory ingredients for the third show of Chopped Canada was a childhood favourite, processed cheese slices.  It’s so gross to see!  So rubbery!  Blech.  But the chefs had to… Continue Reading