Chopped Canada is Back and Recipe Idea From Their Mystery Basket

Chopped Canada’s fourth season started on Food Network Canada on September 3.  Mystery ingredients for various courses premiere included haggis, mountain yam root, gai lan (Chinese mustard greens) and fruit ring cereal (i.e. Froot Loops – YUCK!!!).  For my meal… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 3, Episode 17: Fresh Horseradish? Elk Ribeye?

Hmmmm….what can you do with those?  And nacho cheese flavoured chips?  And seaweed sheets?  I mean, I could go all pubby, slow cook the elk and  then make nachos with it.  However, that wouldn’t really be a main course.  I… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 3, Episode 16: Macaron Crusted Pork Tenderloin Skewers

The appetizer round ingredients for episode 16 consisted of cassis flavoured macaron (one faux pas I heard during the episode – at least ONE contestant (a professional) pronounced it MACAROON.  If you’re in the culinary industry, shouldn’t you KNOW it’s… Continue Reading

Being Chinese and NOT Eating Rice Often

I rarely cook rice at home.  I haven’t even used my rice cooker since November 2014!  And I’m of Chinese descent.  As a child, I ate rice nearly daily – always at dinner as I ate western-style breakfasts (eggs and… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada, Season 3, Episode 14: Using Sticky Rice to Make Dumplings

Jong – eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition in Chinese culture.  Called zongzi (or simply jong in Cantonese), it is often served savoury with ingredients such as duck eggs, sticky glutinous rice and nuts (usually peanuts) and… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada, Season 3, Episode 13: Braised Sweet and Sour Hare and Bok Choy Rice

The ingredients for the main course last week were as follows:  hare, sage, watermelon lollipops and bok choy.   There was, as usual, a time limit, but this post isn’t about that, so I will will take my time and braise… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada, Season 3, Episode 7: Goat Cheese and Hemp Bites Stuffed Capon?

The mystery ingredients were a bit tougher this week – for me to come up with something, anyway.  After a few days of thinking (or over-thinking, I suppose), I’ve decided that maybe a green radish, goat cheese cheese and hemp… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Teen Finale: Baked Eggs!

The Chopped Canada Teen finale aired on Boxing Day in Canada with the winners of the previous four episodes competing for $20,000 (a little surprised that the finalists – winners from the previous four episodes – weren’t awarded anything.  Honestly,… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Teen Tournament #4: Pork Chops and Conehead Cabbage

Well, episode four was the last show before the final round, which will air on December 26 – Boxing Day – on Food Network Canada.  Ingredients on this episode included frozen deep fried pickles and tempeh in the appetizer round… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Teen Tournament Episode 1: Cooking with Burger Chips

This past Saturday, the very first episode of Chopped Canada’s teen edition aired, featuring kids between 13 and 17.  It was also the first show with the new host, Brad Smith, who is a former contestant of The Bachelor Canada. … Continue Reading