Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 16: Coconut Grape Sausage Yogurt Cheesecake

Well, if you can have maple bacon donuts, why not breakfast sausage cheesecake with coconut flakes?  As a dessert?  I know it sounds crazy, but it can work.  Of course, this would be next to impossible to make on any… Continue Reading

Financial District Meets Hipsterville at the Beverley Hotel

Located on Queen Street a few blocks west of University, this new boutique hotel, so tiny that it only had a handful of rooms, has an equally eclectic restaurant, and is, according to chef, Eric Wood, “mixed with the seriousness… Continue Reading

MadewithLove Mixology Competition 2013

Yesterday, 27 of Toronto’s finest mixologists competed for a place in the MadewithLove competition, to be held in March in the qualification rounds at the Marché restaurant in the financial district.  These cocktail-creating geniuses, which include Joe Howell of the… Continue Reading

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Picture Book for Grown-ups

Graphic novels have been popular over the last few years, but Caroline Preston’s newest book,  , takes it to a whole new level.   Set in the 1920s and told in “scrapbook form” – with vintage pictures from the period and… Continue Reading

Late Canadian Composer Leaves Over $14 M to Canadian Women’s Foundation

When Canadian composer and philanthropist, Ann Southam passed away last year, she knew what she wanted to do with a portion of her money. The donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which is more than $14 million, “stunned” Beverley Wybrow,… Continue Reading

Art of Fashion Winners Announced

Art of Fashion has announced the winners of the 13th annual Design Competition and Designer Boutique “Choreology”.  The judges David Dixon, Kendra Francis, Jacinta Mulhem, Natalie Lecomte, Pat McDonagh, Pheinixx Paul and Faith Orfus had a tough decision to make but… Continue Reading