World MasterCard Fashion Week: Day 1 and 2 Highlights

Pink Tartan: I have a love-hate relationship with this line, and have so for the past few seasons.  I love LOOKING at the outfits, but they tend to be very heavy and don’t work well on shorter women with very small frames – most pieces are next to impossible to alter without changing the shape […]

World MasterCard Fashion Week Highlights: Days Two and Three

Day Two:   Menswear line Klaxon Howl’s collection definitely had a bit of a wild west vibe, especially with their women’s capsule collection (the guys’ pieces leaned more towards the signature blue collar look).  True to the brand’s philosophy, the women’s line also carries a rugged vibe.  While this was an okay attempt at women’s […]

World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W 2013 Begins Today

Watch this space as well as our social media (especially Twitter and Instagram) for our latest Fashion Week updates from David Pecaut Square.  Designers this season include old favourites such as Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and Lucian Matis as well as some returnees, including David Dixon and Laura Siegel.  VAWK is also back for Fall/Winter […]

Designer Gowns for Rent at Rent Frock Repeat

Let’s face it.  Going out and looking fabulous can be very expensive.  And unless you’re a celebutante with an unlimited budget, designer gowns are pretty much out of the question, considering that people tend not to wear the same dress over and over.  Well, this can all change with Rent Frock Repeat, a Toronto-based business […]

Toronto Fashion Week A.I.N.I. (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement)

Now that official Toronto Fashion Week has wrapped, it’s yet again, time to summarize what was good, what was so-so and what was well, not-so-good.   This season, I am calling it A.I.N.I (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement).  As with last season, I loved the space.  Having tents in the core of the city, close to […]

Pictures from Toronto’s Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Lou Lou Magazine’s Shop ‘Til You Drop held its Toronto event last night.  Shoppers braved the on-and-off rain for the amazing with good discounts, delicious mini desserts at many of the stores and most of all, a great deal of fun!  There were styling tips from Banana Republic and Winners (Winners had an emphasis on […]

LG Fashion Week Starts Monday!

LG Fashion Week will once again be at Heritage Court at Exhibition Place starting this Monday.  The usual names, such as Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and David Dixon will be presenting over the course of the week.  Also presenting at the main LG Fashion Week event for the Fall/Winter season is Sunny Fong’s VAWK.  VAWK […]

Heart Truth Show Features Red Dresses by Canada’s Top Designers

The Heart Truth Show, featuring celebrities wearing red gowns made by Canadian designers was held at the Carlu on Thursday evening.  The purpose of the Heart Truth Campaign is to raise awareness about preventing heart disease in women.  The campaign is part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Finale, featuring all of the models on the runway! Celebrities […]

Frocktail Party 2010: Glamour, Dancing and Cocktails for JDRF

The Frocktail Party was back for a second year, and this fundraising silent auction was an unqualified success.  The 2010 Committee consisting of Jessica Oliver, Ali Reid, Jen Foster, Sabrina Carr, Christina Perreault, Vanessa Oliver, Lorraine Forster, Amy Douglas, Jackie Harkness, Dia Makrimichalos, Ashley Audet, Stephanie English, Rachel Hulme, Cachelle Odette Fry and Jen Riley […]

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