Get Ready for a New Look!

DelectablyChic! will (finally) be getting a makeover over the next few weeks, switching to a more “traditional” blog-like layout.  As you probably have realized, DelectablyChic! is reporting LESS on fashion and food, and MORE on how the founder/webitor-in-chief views and feels about the world.  Whether there’ll be further changes is yet to be determined, as […]

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Wishing all of you a very prosperous 2016!  This year, we plan to focus much more on social media and less on blogging.  But don’t worry, there’ll still be “regular” posts on DelectablyChic! Events we plan to cover this year include the usual, such as the Interior Design Show (the first big one of 2016), […]

Happy Fifth Birthday, DelectablyChic!

Today is my birthday.  Incidently, it is also DelectablyChic!‘s birthday.  Five years ago today, the two year old Prospere Magazine became DelectablyChic!.  Though there were a couple of posts which went live before September 1, 2010, the first “official” post was a restaurant review of Cantine, located on Avenue Road, just north of Bloor. What […]

Changes Coming to DelectablyChic!

I’ve been blogging under DelectablyChic! for nearly four years and blogging, period for even longer (we were previously known as Prospere Magazine, which made its debut in January 2008.  I also ran Shorty Stories, which lasted from 2007 until last year.  Prior to that, I had a LiveJournal).  Lately, I’ve been thinking about my posting […]

Arts, Culture, Opera and DelectablyChic!

Recently, I asked readers on Facebook what they’d like to see more of on this site.  Possible answers included the usual fashion, dining and travel…as well as “arts and culture,” which encompasses theatre, classical music, dance and so forth.  As many online “style” publications, ones that seem to get the most press (in my world, […]

Celebrating Five Years Online!

Earlier this week, DelectablyChic! marked five years online.  Well, it isn’t exactly five years as we published under another name – Prospere Magazine –  between January 2008 and September 2010.  The purpose when we launched was to have an online publication (marketed at that time as a “blogzine”) for smart, sophisticated women – a site […]

CH-CH-CH-CH Changes for Shorty Stories

Over the next week or so, I will be transferring all 2012 outfit/lookbook posts to a new site called The DelectablyChic! Closet where I will be posting my style posts starting some time in early August.  All posts coming from the site, which will include looks from my closet, wish list items as well as […]

Sitting down with frAsh

The amazing thing regarding fashion is not the only the unique creations that come from the designers mind, it’s also the story behind the designer, where they came from and what pushed them to create. We sat down with Isobel Walker of frAsh and got some insight into her growing line. When were you first […]

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