Operanation 2017’s VIP Dinner: A Curious Meal, Indeed!

The Canadian Opera Company’s (COC) Operanation is one of my favourite events of the year – especially its VIP dinner.  Catered by 10tation Event Catering and held at the COC’s the Four Seasons Centre fo the Performing Arts, the meal… Continue Reading

Recipe: Apple and Tomato ‘Gazpacho Sauce’

I just realized that I have NOT posted a recipe on DelectablyChic! in ages.  So why not do one now?  I’ve been experimenting with food again recently, and decided to make a soup which can double as a sauce when… Continue Reading

Summerlicious 2015: Reservations Open Today

Many old favourites are back, including Trevor Kitchen + Bar, La Société, Sassafraz and One.  Lee and Bent are also on the list, Luckee is not.  Also missing is the restaurant at the Drake Hotel.  Perhaps they’re just sitting this… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 23: Chicken Sliders with Parsnip and Cabbage Slaw

For the appetizer round, the mandatory ingredients were chicken breast, stout, parsnip and jelly rolls.  A little bit weird, but not a complete throw-off.  Not that difficult to figure SOMETHING out, either.  What I’d make would be sweet and sour… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 15: Goji Berries and Bran Muffin Stuffed Chicken

Mystery basket ingredients for the main course were not all that weird this past airing.  They were whole chicken, malted soda, dried goji berries and raisin bran muffins.  Thus, the first thing I thought of was stuffed chicken, using the… Continue Reading

Porzia: Spring Menu Delicious, Event Could Have Been Better

I had the chance to experience Porzia‘s new menu on April 15 through an invitation from its PR company.  It was served cocktail style with cheese, crostini as well as pasta and dessert.  The food was excellent, but the environment… Continue Reading

Healthier Alternatives: Steamed Turkey Meatballs

Recently, I decided to give an Italian-inspired meal an East Asian twist.  Making meatballs Asian (dim sum) style and serving it with rice and seaweed noodles rather than wheat.  This is not a difficult recipe to make.  It’s basically a… Continue Reading