Diversity and Kids of Immigrant Families

Recently, OMNI Television, a network of stations catering to a diverse ethnic community, started a campaign, asking the federal government and CRTC in Ottawa to offer the channel to all Canadians across the country and not just in certain communities. … Continue Reading

On Being a Child of Immigrants and Kids of Immigrants in General

So Fresh off the Boat has aired for a few weeks and I’ve had a bit of a chance to reflect a bit more.  And especially after reading experiences of other Asians on message boards, I feel privileged that my… Continue Reading

Purdy’s ‘Mainstreams’ the Lunar New Year with Chocolate

There’s a Purdy’s Chocolatier near my house, less than a 10 minute walk away.  I’m not much of a snacker, so I haven’t made too many purchases from them.  However, last week, I saw something different.  They were advertising candies… Continue Reading

Body Image Activists: Are Their Campaigns Dangerous?

I’ve always had a problem with body image activists (so much that one particular organization has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page).  Sure, they mean good by encouraging more size diversity in fashion, but are their campaigns healthy? … Continue Reading

June Poll Results: Most Like Seeing a Mix of Models and Celebrities in Magazines

First of all, apologies for the delay in posting the June results as well as the July poll – being out of town and then immediately having out-of-town guests is a lot of work!  Last month, we asked readers whether they preferred seeing models or celebrities in magazines. We were not exactly too surprised with […] Continue Reading

VAWKing Diversely…Kinda

VAWK showed both the regular line using mostly “standard size” models (a couple looked a bit bigger than what’s “typical) as well as the debut of VAWKKIN, a “regular” collection that is more for the everyday woman featuring “real woman”… Continue Reading

VAWK Model Call Asks for ‘Diversity’ But Not in Height

Project Runway Canada winner Sunny Fong is known for using a wider range of sizes for his line, VAWK, but once again, he is ignoring the shorter woman in his casting call for his upcoming Toronto Fashion Week show. While the call does allow for non-runway height women (5’6″ and above, without heels), I cannot […] Continue Reading

Blogger Profiles: Web Haute Jas

Screen handle: @webhautejas Website: www.webhautejas.com Where are you based? Maryland/Washington DC Web Haute Jas’s Logo Why did you start your site?   I wanted a platform to showcase all the fabulous, eye catching, trendy and “OMG” things I spot online! Not… Continue Reading

Blogger Profile: Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews

Screen handle:  Toronto Beauty Reviews (TOBeautyReviews) Website: www.torontobeautyreviews.com Where are you based? Toronto Why did you start your site? I first started a petite style site to get advice from other petites.  I then started a beauty reviews site to… Continue Reading

Fusion and ‘North American’ Ethnic Cuisine

I consider myself quite lucky to have had exposure to different types of cuisine, especially “real” or “authentic” versions of “ethnic foods.”  However, what I find very interesting is how different names are applied to North Americanized “ethnic” foods, depending… Continue Reading