On the Whole United Airlines Leggings Issue

I grew up with strict dress codes.  In fact, I wore a school uniform for seven years.  I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up, save for grub day (when we were allowed to wear “normal” clothing for $1 or $2) and… Continue Reading

Anything Goes? Well, NOT For Me, Appearance-wise

I’m really sick of the “anything goes” society seem to be moving towards to today – especially for appearance.  Yes, I like that we don’t have to dress up as much, to the point that some clubs have either toned… Continue Reading

Old Fashioned, On Social Media

Recently, I’ve found myself unfollowing many of my social media friends.  I’m technically still “friends” with them on Facebook, but I’ve just eliminated them from popping up on my feed.  It’s just that I can’t stand their perspective anymore –… Continue Reading

Casualization of the Wardrobe and Apologizing for What I Wear

When I was in my early 20s, people would often ask why I was “so dressed up” and it got really annoying.  As if it’s really weird to wear dresses and heels on a weekend.  It still happens once in… Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Wear Large Jewellery Often

I can’t make myself wear “chunky” jewellery, including big necklaces, earrings and definitely NOT huge rings.  This is YEARS after I graduated from high school!  In fact, I STILL consider them tacky.  I can’t get the “shower curtain earrings” lecture… Continue Reading

Dining by the Water at Diner en Blanc 2014

Last night was Toronto’s third Diner en Blanc!  The weather, once again cooperated and several hundred people, all dressed in white, gathered at Ontario Place for a beautiful dinner in front of the lake.  This year’s event was held later… Continue Reading

Working in Israel: Part Two of a Life in Israel Series

Erin Gold Skyline of Tel Aviv at dawn I’ve always thought of autumn as a time of work. As I watch the leaves change, I think of the summer holidays behind me and the goals that lay ahead.  This year,… Continue Reading