Taking a Gap Year and Immigrant Parents

Reading that Malia Obama is taking a year off before going to university, had me thinking about gap years.  I graduated from high school a long, long time ago.  In the last century.  When I graduated back in the late… Continue Reading

The Holiday Season and the Spirit of Giving

Every holiday season, I make my rounds of donations.  It isn’t a lot –  I don’t have that kind of money – but I feel that every little bit helps organizations that one supports.  Generally, these go to the usual… Continue Reading

Drama and Television: No Longer for the Masses?

For the past few years, cable-based television has dominated the Emmys, especially in the drama category(this year, the only non-cable show with a nod was Downton Abbey (cast image below), which is shown on public television).  One now wonders if… Continue Reading

Aveda Institute Hair School Scholarship Showdown

The Aveda Institute Hair School Scholarship Competition came to split ends on Wednesday May 16th 2012 at their spacious facility in downtown Toronto. It ended in a tie for first place finish, and what happened next is truly classy. Let… Continue Reading

Zion Schoolhouse on the Closing List?

According to a Toronto Star article from Saturday, Zion Schoolhouse is one of the museums on Rob Ford’s shuttering list.  This North York school opened in 1869 and served the community until 1955.  In recent decades, it operated as a… Continue Reading

Loving the City Life!

It’s a pretty hot topic right now.  There’s even a show about it on HGTV Canada.  I’m talking about the urban vs. suburban lifestyle.  What do I like?  I’m definitely Team Urban.  I love being steps away from the subway,… Continue Reading

Condos, Three-Plus Units and Families

I’m a condo person.  I was raised in a house, but have lived in a condominium since I was 19 years old, first with my family and now with my husband.  I like the lifestyle.  No need to worry about… Continue Reading