Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 9: Stilton Egg Roll Salad?

What do you do with stilton cheese and egg rolls?  With watercress also in the basket, along with chestnut flour, you make some sort of salad, of course!  This week, I’ve decided to use the ingredients from the first course… Continue Reading

Oriental Taste: Canadianized Chinese Food Delivery

Being of Chinese descent with immigrant parents from Hong Kong, I did not have my first taste of the Canadianized version until I reached my teens.  In fact, I didn’t realize that “egg rolls” to me meant something completely different… Continue Reading

Loving the City Life!

It’s a pretty hot topic right now.  There’s even a show about it on HGTV Canada.  I’m talking about the urban vs. suburban lifestyle.  What do I like?  I’m definitely Team Urban.  I love being steps away from the subway,… Continue Reading