Poll Results: Have Petite Blogs Helped You?

Last month, we asked readers whether petite blogs have helped you become more stylish and “in-the-know” about what fits a shorter figure.  Of those who participated, 62.5% said that petite blogs have definitely helped, 16.7% said that it depends, since most of the blogs focus on business/office-related clothing, while they were looking for something more […] Continue Reading

From Shorty Stories: Super High Heels: Your Take?

Toronto style blogger Backseat Stylers recently posted about Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection of devastingly gorgeous shoes. While they’re very pretty to look at, practically every one of them has a super-high heel. According to the Charlotte Olympia website, many… Continue Reading

Blogger Profile: Kate from Petite Adventures

Screen handle: Kate (aka: Petite Adventures) Twitter: @PetiteAdventure Website:  petite-adventures.blogspot.com Where are you based? Ottawa, ON Why did you start your site? After moving to Ottawa in the middle of winter, I was looking for a creative outlet. I love… Continue Reading