On Blogging, Other Bloggers and Fitting In

What exactly IS DelectablyChic!?  We have been publishing under this brand name for more than three years, and over six if the previous brand, Prospere Magazine was included in the mix.  We have always had a mixture of food, fashion/beauty, travel and other topics such as events and some entertainment, and it is what the […]

Did Digital Kill Fashion Television?

Yesterday, it was reported that after 27 years, Canadian-produced Fashion Television (aka FT) was being cancelled with a rumour due to low ratings.  The purpose of the show when it premiered in the 80s was to bring fashion to “the rest of us” in a medium outside of print magazines.  However, over the past few […]

Poll Results: Have Petite Blogs Helped You?

Last month, we asked readers whether petite blogs have helped you become more stylish and “in-the-know” about what fits a shorter figure.  Of those who participated, 62.5% said that petite blogs have definitely helped, 16.7% said that it depends, since most of the blogs focus on business/office-related clothing, while they were looking for something more […]

From Shorty Stories: Super High Heels: Your Take?

Toronto style blogger Backseat Stylers recently posted about Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection of devastingly gorgeous shoes. While they’re very pretty to look at, practically every one of them has a super-high heel. According to the Charlotte Olympia website, many are as high as close to 5 3/4″ (the Dolly Slingback, shown below, is listed […]

Blogger Profile: Kate from Petite Adventures

Screen handle: Kate (aka: Petite Adventures) Twitter: @PetiteAdventure Website:  petite-adventures.blogspot.com Where are you based? Ottawa, ON Why did you start your site? After moving to Ottawa in the middle of winter, I was looking for a creative outlet. I love fashion and fashion blogs, and I love to write, so I thought “why not”. I […]

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