Ottawa Fashion Week S/S 2013

Ottawa Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 shows flew by during the show dates of October 12th-14th. The venue this season was the quaint and comfortable environment of Sala San Marco on Preston St. The three days of shows offered designers locally from Ottawa as well as designers from Ottawa, Montreal, USA and more.  The location was […]

Art of Fashion Winners Announced

Art of Fashion has announced the winners of the 13th annual Design Competition and Designer Boutique “Choreology”.  The judges David Dixon, Kendra Francis, Jacinta Mulhem, Natalie Lecomte, Pat McDonagh, Pheinixx Paul and Faith Orfus had a tough decision to make but in the end they chose Albert Yuen as 2011’s Most Promising Designer.  Being selected as […]

Art of Fashion Design Competition and Boutique

I spent my Saturday evening attending the 13th annual Art of Fashion Design Competition and Boutique. Held during Nuit Blanche at the Pantages Hotel in Downtown Toronto, Canada’s top 10 designers showcased their designs for industry insiders, media and the general public.  Guests were able to engage with the designers, see the designs up close and personal […]

Alternative Fashion Week Starts TODAY!

I’m one of the official bloggers for Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week (|FAT|), which starts tonight.  The four day event features not only fashion, but music, film, photography, performance and installation arts – what the website describes as “platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression.”  In the fashion category, designers include Breeyn McCarney, Gaudet […]

Galliano Out at Dior: Report

Cynthia Cheng Mintz BREAKING NEWS: Galliano’s namesake show on Sunday has been CANCELLED!! John Galliano (left, arriving at the Cinema Against AIDS 2005 event at the Cannes Film Festival of that year), now known to be the Mel Gibson/David Hasselhoff/Charlie Sheen of the fashion industry for his videotaped anti-semetic rants has been officially fired from Dior.  He […]

The Flare and Flavour of Ottawa, Part I: Shopping

Ottawa like many great Canadian cities has its own gems to be shared to those for when they visit. Now when visiting a city what’s more important than where to eat and where to shop? Maybe where to sleep but that’s your problem (just joking).  Here are some of the most fashion forward, vintage, unique […]

Sitting Down with Jessica Biffi

Christopher Massardo Jessica Biffi (above) is a name that should at least ring a bell and if for some reason to you it doesn’t, pick up a magazine, turn on the television or check out one of Canada’s latest runways, because she is everywhere. Jessica was gracious enough to take time from her very busy schedule […]

Stacey Bafi-Yeboa of Kania: Chic & Stylish in Ottawa

Christopher Massardo   The idea of comfortable and fashionable are two words not commonly associated with each other, or done easily for that matter. With the economy still not where we would like it to be, we aren’t always seeing the quality in the tailoring or fabrics in the pieces we would like. In some […]

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