The Knockoff: A Book Review

I typically don’t listen to novels, but I felt that a book about an online publication HAD to be an audio…on my iPhone.  The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes (she’s Plum Sykes’ twin) and Jo Piazza and narrated by Katherine Kellgren… Continue Reading

France’s BMI Requirement for Models Should be About Proportion

The French government recently passed legislation which mandates a minimum BMI requirement for models.  The BMI must be 18.  Casting directors, designers, agencies and anyone else involved in the fashion industry who do not comply can face a charge of… Continue Reading

Banning Specialty Sizing Terms: Why It’s a Bad Idea

A few days ago, a Allistyle, well-known plus-sized fashion line posted a link on its Facebook page to an article where model Robyn Lawley wanted the term “plus sizes” banned.  The article quotes Ms. Lawley saying “there is a need… Continue Reading

Stop Complaining About Lottie Moss and her Height!

Over the past week or so, social media’s been abuzz about Lottie Moss (half sister of 90s supermodel, Kate Moss) signing with Storm, a modelling agency.  Lottie, who is 16 years old, is 5’5″, a pretty average height.  However, that’s… Continue Reading

Body Image Activists: Are Their Campaigns Dangerous?

I’ve always had a problem with body image activists (so much that one particular organization has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page).  Sure, they mean good by encouraging more size diversity in fashion, but are their campaigns healthy? … Continue Reading

Toronto Fashion Incubator Celebrates Quarter Century at the ROM

Last night, Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) held its twenty-fifth anniversary gala at the ROM, featuring the annual New Labels fashion show where new designers compete for the Suzanne Rogers Award for Most Promising New Label – a $25,000 cash, a… Continue Reading

A Short, Slim Girl’s View on Body Image

NOTE: This post is for Body Image Warrior Week, which I am participating in.  Many of the points in this post have been written about before on this site, so regular readers, please bear with me . As a short, slim woman, sometimes I feel like I’m not considered “real.”  I’ve freaked a lot of […] Continue Reading

Body Image Challenge for Media, Part II

In 2007, I created a video at Shorty Stories asking the fashion industry, specially media to feature more designers who are specialty sized.  Five years later, very little has changed, so I’m re-issuing the challenge, with some additions, now that… Continue Reading

Art of Fashion Design Competition and Boutique

I spent my Saturday evening attending the 13th annual Art of Fashion Design Competition and Boutique. Held during Nuit Blanche at the Pantages Hotel in Downtown Toronto, Canada’s top 10 designers showcased their designs for industry insiders, media and the general public. … Continue Reading

Blogger Profile: Kate from Petite Adventures

Screen handle: Kate (aka: Petite Adventures) Twitter: @PetiteAdventure Website: Where are you based? Ottawa, ON Why did you start your site? After moving to Ottawa in the middle of winter, I was looking for a creative outlet. I love… Continue Reading