On the Whole United Airlines Leggings Issue

I grew up with strict dress codes.  In fact, I wore a school uniform for seven years.  I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up, save for grub day (when we were allowed to wear “normal” clothing for $1 or $2) and… Continue Reading

Let’s Face it – We’re B!tches to Each Other…

 …and I’m not the first to write about this.  Yes, ladies, we’re mean.  We hate each other and we’re often WORSE to one another than men are to us.  Most of us grew up hating our mothers criticizing us for… Continue Reading

Am I Becoming ‘Conservative’?

Okay, I definitely DO NOT identify with the super-right wing, especially the American-style right (how can I?  I’m Canadian!  And I’m pro-equal marriage, too), but more and more, media outlets from the likes of Gawker Media (e.g. Jezebel, etc…) and… Continue Reading

Is it NOT Feminist to be ‘Proper’?

When I was in my early 20s, I begged my parents to send me to a finishing school in Switzerland.  A bona fide school where I would be trained in social graces, international etiquette and everything that goes with a… Continue Reading

Some Oscar 2015 Highlights: Feminist Rants, Lady Gaga and Birdman’s Win

Equal Pay Rant and Being Relevant: Patricia Arquette at the SAG Awards in January Patricia Arquette’s rant about equal pay is still buzzing around the internet, with most people applauding her speech.  And while I agree with Ms. Arquette that… Continue Reading

Body Image Activists: Are Their Campaigns Dangerous?

I’ve always had a problem with body image activists (so much that one particular organization has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page).  Sure, they mean good by encouraging more size diversity in fashion, but are their campaigns healthy? … Continue Reading