Tanya Heath’s Versatile Heels Come to Toronto

Paris-based Canadian shoe designer, Tanya Heath has launched her interchangeable shoe line, Tanya Heath Paris, in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  There are quite a few styles to choose from, ranging from pumps which can go from office-friendly to a fun dinner with friends to a gala with just a change of a heel to ankle boots/booties […]

Shopping, Availability and Living in Canada

I constantly read in retail-related blogs about the “lack of availability” in Canada when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.  And honestly, I can’t say I understand what they’re talking about.  Sure, there are stores that aren’t widely available in Canada, but that’s changing.  J.Crew and LOFT, for example, have been opening […]

IFB Project #110: Fall 2013 Boots Line-up

This week, Independent Fashion Bloggers asked us to write about fall boots.  Though it’s still fairly warm in Toronto – this week’s weather will be in the mid 20s C – projected temperatures over the next couple of weeks will drop down to the mid to high teens.  Though not cool enough for boots just […]

Custom Shoes with the Joker’s Closet

Tell me a little bit about The Joker’s Closet.  How did you come up with the idea?  I grew into a habit of finding unique footwear “statement pieces” that would catch people’s eye and urge them to ask questions. Not because of the brand rather because of the cool design ascetic. My love for footwear […]

ECCO Shoes Fall 2013 Preview

Recently, I attended an event for ECCO shoes.  This Scandanavian, family-owned brand, known for their comfortable shoes and bags, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and launched a shoe, ECCO MIND, that is a combination of two of its historical styles (one from 1963, the year they launched and another from the 1970s) and […]

What? Ron White Carries Sizes 4 & 4.5 at Nordstrom, Not Own Boutique

…not even online!  Ron White has received a lot of press lately about his line of oh-so-comfortable shoes, but I can’t wear them.  The smallest size I could find at the boutique and online is a 35/5 and it wasn’t just a little bit too big, something that can be helped by insoles, but MUCH […]

Beauty of a Woman: Trying to Embrace My Cinderella Feet

I’m writing a post today for August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest.  I have another post up at Shorty Stories about my embracing my height, while on this site, I’m going to specifically talk about my feet.  Most of you know I have tiny feet.  Size 5 US, sometimes 4 1/2 and for a […]

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