France’s BMI Requirement for Models Should be About Proportion

The French government recently passed legislation which mandates a minimum BMI requirement for models.  The BMI must be 18.  Casting directors, designers, agencies and anyone else involved in the fashion industry who do not comply can face a charge of… Continue Reading

International Lentil Hunter, Canadian Style

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a food bloggers’ event at Cirrilo’s, a cooking school in Etobicoke.  The event celebrated Canadian celebrity chef, Michael Smith’s new video series (who was in attendance), Lentil Hunter, where he travelled to five… Continue Reading

Parisienne French: French for the Stylish Fashionista Crowd

I recently received a complimentary copy of Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang & Style by Rhianna Jones through a PR company, a book filled with fashionista and style-centric French phrases.  Since French is one of the official languages here in… Continue Reading

A Fashion Grad’s Online Resume

French fashion grad, Celine Caveillero created a unique resume, modelled after fashion magazines, to help her find a job in the fashion industry.  The site, which looks eerily like Vogue UK‘s website, has typical resume information such as education and… Continue Reading

Romantic, Delicious and Apple-Filled

Who would have thought a theme restaurant would do well in France?  But Pomze is no theme restaurant in the American sense.  In fact, it’s elegant and grown-up, just like many other eateries in Paris.  However,  one thing that makes it different… Continue Reading