Fuller House: Nostalgic and a bit Cheesy at Times

Fuller House, television, Netflix

Us late Xers and early Millennials grew up watching Full House on Friday evenings, and later, Tuesdays.  And now that the sequel (can we call it a sequel?) has launched on Netflix, many may be binge-watching the first season, which… Continue Reading

The Knockoff: A Book Review

I typically don’t listen to novels, but I felt that a book about an online publication HAD to be an audio…on my iPhone.  The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes (she’s Plum Sykes’ twin) and Jo Piazza and narrated by Katherine Kellgren… Continue Reading

Everything Old is New Again: Toronto’s Cultural Institutions’ Appeal to the Young

Art galleries and museums were once considered the exclusive domain of society’s elite – not for nothing was the term “art snob” coined. But in recent years, Toronto’s largest galleries, museums and performing arts centres are aggressively targeting a younger… Continue Reading

Giveffect: Crowdfunding, Philanthropy and the #NextGen Donor

Giveffect, a Toronto-based organization that allows charities to receive donations through crowdfunding.  The site has been receiving a great deal of publicity as of late, including an article in the Toronto Star.  In just three short months since its public… Continue Reading

Current and Upcoming Food Trends in North America

Recently, I was able to speak with Phil Lempert of Supermarket Guru to discuss food trends that he has observed so far and what he sees this upcoming year.  What he told me was, for the most part, not much… Continue Reading

No Real Surprises for Oscars This Year

Cynthia Cheng Mintz As predicted films like The King’s Speech, Black Swan and The Social Network are all nominees at this year’s Academy Awards.  Also on the Best Picture list include True Grit, Inception as well as the animated Toy… Continue Reading