Thoughts on the Apple Watch

As most people know, the Apple Watch was officially introduced yesterday.  Sleek, functional and available in three different styles, the product will be available in select countries, including Canada and the United States on April 24.  And yes, I am… Continue Reading

Getting Healthy for 2015 at Toronto’s New Barre3!

I recently had the opportunity to take a complimentary barre class at the newly opened, spacious barre3 studio on King Street, west of University.  Unlike other barre programs across the city, barre3 only has one type of class and follows… Continue Reading

It’s Not That Easy Being Green: Some Guidelines from Eco-Friendly Retailers

Phsqpspsvxspbxb…. Looks like gibberish, right? Well that’s probably what the average person sees when they try to read the list of chemicals or artificial ingredients on their household cleaner label, their lipstick case or even on their bubble gum wrapper.… Continue Reading

Gym Class Heroes: Some of Toronto’s Top Fitness Clubs

As summer comes to a close, time spent exercising outdoors decreases and fitness-minded individuals return to their local gyms for their regular workouts. A lot of people have love/hate relationships with their gym. On the one hand, many believe there… Continue Reading

New BMI Calculation Makes Women ‘Fatter’ and Men ‘Slimmer’?

An article in the Telegraph in the UK published on Monday said that the way we have calculated BMI for years is actually inaccurate.  It made taller people (over 6′ or so) seem heavier, while shorter people (under 5’5″ or… Continue Reading

On Dealing With Family, Dining and Food Pushing

Over the holidays, one often had to deal with lots of family gatherings.  And family gatherings means lots and lots of food.  My parents are from Hong Kong, so food plays an even bigger part of events.  It’s very much… Continue Reading