Do All Immigrant Experiences Count? Or Just SOME?

Everyone, important or not, seems to be writing or talking about their own immigrant experience or that of their family members.  That they came to escape persecution.  So here’s my piece.  Most of you know I’m a first generation Canadian… Continue Reading

On Being a Child of Immigrants and Kids of Immigrants in General

So Fresh off the Boat has aired for a few weeks and I’ve had a bit of a chance to reflect a bit more.  And especially after reading experiences of other Asians on message boards, I feel privileged that my… Continue Reading

Dealing with Annoying People: A Reaction to the WSJ

A few weeks ago, I came across an Elizabeth Bernstein article in the Wall Street Journal called “How to Deal With Other People’s Rude Behavior,” (also known as “I’m Sorry, I Think I’m Allergic to You”) which was about people… Continue Reading