Diversity and Kids of Immigrant Families

Recently, OMNI Television, a network of stations catering to a diverse ethnic community, started a campaign, asking the federal government and CRTC in Ottawa to offer the channel to all Canadians across the country and not just in certain communities. … Continue Reading

Being Chinese and NOT Eating Rice Often

I rarely cook rice at home.  I haven’t even used my rice cooker since November 2014!  And I’m of Chinese descent.  As a child, I ate rice nearly daily – always at dinner as I ate western-style breakfasts (eggs and… Continue Reading

So I read Town & Country…

I don’t usually get too personal on this site, but there have been things I’ve asked myself about.  Most readers know I’m a child of immigrants.  Most readers know, or at least, have guessed that I grew up fairly comfortable,… Continue Reading

‘Is Cynthia Your Real Name?’ and Other Weird Comments

The now-cancelled #racetogether campaign at American Starbucks locations had me thinking.  Ethnic issues aren’t something that I think about on a daily basis – it’s not something that really “affects” me all that often.  However, once in a while, things… Continue Reading