Nail Art: This Tacky, Trashy, Superficial Look Needs to Go!

When I was in high school back in the mid-90s, the “it” thing was to wear green or blue nail polish.  While this was completely banned for hands at my school (strict uniform code), it didn’t stop many of us from wearing it on our feet, including me.  The it brand back then was Hard […]

What to See and Do in Paris

First, I must start by saying, this was my first over-sea’s trip in almost four years. Work has kept me very busy traveling in Canada and occasionally the US. My worries of trying to navigate myself around a city that I had never been to was, as for most people somewhat worry-some considering my trip […]

Big Names, ‘Unknowns’ and Label Snobs

I have to admit that my closet is a mix of both bigger name brands and independents/up-and-coming lines.  I’d prefer if I’d had more of the latter, but access is often an issue.  Even the up-and-coming lines that make it to FAT or Toronto Fashion Week are already at least somewhat known, especially to those […]

Bloor-Yorkville: What Stores Do You Want To See?

A while back, we posted a piece about Yorkdale’s renovations and asked what stores you’d like see open there (followed up last week by a piece updating on speculated stores).  So now we turn to another major shopping district in Toronto, the Bloor-Yorkville area.  This area has one of the highest rents for a shopping […]

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