The Death of the Skinny Jean Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

People have been predicting the death of the skinny jean for years.  In fact, they say that the fall season is most definitely the end.  After all, New York fashion editors have been photographed wearing anywhere from flares to boot cut to, well, anything that isn’t skinny (no, “distressed” doesn’t really count, since they can […]

The Knockoff: A Book Review

I typically don’t listen to novels, but I felt that a book about an online publication HAD to be an audio…on my iPhone.  The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes (she’s Plum Sykes’ twin) and Jo Piazza and narrated by Katherine Kellgren centres around Imogen Tate.  Imogen is the 40-something editor-in-chief of Glossy, a fashion magazine and […]

Professional Make-Up, Idiots and the YouTube Magazine Makeover

Recently, a video on YouTube showed four women getting the “celebrity” treatment of professional hair and make-up and a photo shoot.  The pictures were then digitally edited to look more “ideal” in the mainstream sense.  Before these pictures were done, the women commented on how they were often unsatisfied with their looks because they didn’t […]

On Juice Cleanses and Bloggers

In the May issue of Marie Claire (US edition), there was an article about juice cleanses and why they aren’t that great for you.  I think this is one of the first major publications that talked about it, and yes, I am very surprised.  I would have thought that newspapers and blogs would have had […]

Petite-Exclusive Designer Jess Jeetly on Her Debut Collection

Petite sizes, especially petite-exclusive collections, while growing, are hard to come by.  Often seen as something for a very mature market, many petite women avoid them like the plague.  However, things are changing, especially with Jeetly, the newest entry to the petite-exclusive market.  Founded by 5’1” Jess Jeetly, the small UK-based collection of work-appropriate dresses, […]

June Poll Results: Most Like Seeing a Mix of Models and Celebrities in Magazines

First of all, apologies for the delay in posting the June results as well as the July poll – being out of town and then immediately having out-of-town guests is a lot of work!  Last month, we asked readers whether they preferred seeing models or celebrities in magazines. We were not exactly too surprised with […]

Did Digital Kill Fashion Television?

Yesterday, it was reported that after 27 years, Canadian-produced Fashion Television (aka FT) was being cancelled with a rumour due to low ratings.  The purpose of the show when it premiered in the 80s was to bring fashion to “the rest of us” in a medium outside of print magazines.  However, over the past few […]

Poll: Should Media Spend More Time on Exclusively Specialty Size Brands?

I can’t believe how often I see posts from style websites about the lack of plus size models in the industry or criticize the use of lingerie when plus sized models are featured – this is a major issue for me as I often wonder why they just don’t promote specialty designers more often.  I […]

Tennessee Designer Relaunches Petite-Only Fashion Line

When Vogue Italia put three larger-than-normal models on its recent cover, both major media and bloggers were all over it (including this site), discussing whether Vogue did the right thing.  Many complained about the fact that the models were wearing lingerie and not, say, evening gowns or casual wear.  Many times, the excuse is that […]

On Vogue Italia’s Use of ‘Plus-Sized’ Models

People seem to be very positive about Vogue Italia‘s choice of celebrating curvier women with three non-standard sized models on their latest cover.  While this is certainly a good thing, I feel that it is more of a gimmick.  Vogue will go right back to using tall, impossibly thin girls (yes, they’re girls, not women) […]

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