Do You Have a ‘Regular Look’? I Do!

I don’t profess to having a daily “uniform” a la Carolina Herrera or Mark Zuckerberg – as in I don’t wear the exact same thing daily.   However, I have a go-to “look” which changes depending on the season.  When it’s cooler out (say, October to late April or so), I like my long sweaters or […]

Yorkville’s NEW Sephora a Disappointment

The Sephora in Toronto’s Bloor/Yorkville neighbourhood recently moved to a new, bigger location a block or so east.  I have to admit that I was excited about the move – a bigger spot means more room for products, right?  After all, I’m pretty much a Sephora addict – I’ve been a VIBRouge for at least […]

We Have Brow Gel, But Would Shave and Paint Them?

In China, women shaved their brows.  At least during the Tang dynasty (618-907 CE).  They didn’t go browless, but rather, redrew them in (this link shows some samples, ranging on time period within the dynasty).  Pretty crazy to our eyes, right?  Imagine the types of looks which circulated had Instagram existed at that time!  It […]

Maybelline New York’s Winter Collection: Baby Lips

Like many women, I have way too many lip glosses/lipsticks/lip balms.  But then again, like many women, I also have more than one bag, and it’s just convenient to have “too many” lip colours so I would always have something in a bag.  Thus, when Maybelline New York’s Canadian PR company sent me an email […]

Shoppers Drug Mart Launches Online Beauty Store

Shoppers Drug Mart’s has officially launched!  Marketing Magazine says notes that Shoppers has “entered the online shopping arena,” but they’re only half right.  Shoppers has had for a number of years.  Brands on the Beauty Boutique site include Stila, Benefit, Smashbox and Clinique, all available at most Beauty Boutique locations.  In fact, the […]

Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin

I recently had the chance to try Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin, a make-up remover that I received from Garnier Canada for review purposes.  The product, which does not contain alcohol, dyes or fragrances which can strip away moisture or irritate skin, removes more make-up (including eye make-up) with the same amount than my […]

Get Ready, Get Set for Shoppers Drug Mart’s 30 Days of Beauty!

    It’s time to make a shopping wish list. It’s not for back-to-school, since I don’t have kids and am only taking one continuing education course online (I graduated from university more than 10 years ago), but for beauty products. It’s nearly fall, after all, and time to replenish some favourites and maybe even […]

Korean Beauty Line Holika Holika Launches on Queen Street

When one thinks of Korea, one thinks bibimbap, soaps and beauty products.  One such brand, Holika Holika, held a media event on Monday to introduce their store to the downtown Toronto area.  The little boutique at 311A Queen Street West is an emporium for those obsessed with skincare and beauty, with an array of practically […]

Spring Beauty Renewal and Some Easy, Lightweight Favourites

Spring is coming up.  Many women take advantage of the new season to revamp their look.  Some might buy new, stylish clothes to mix with the classics in their closet.  Others look into accessories.  For me, it is definitely beauty.  It is out with the heavy, intense looks of fall and winter and in with […]

‘You Look Better Without Make-Up’: A Longer Response

Those who know me know that I have a love-hate relationship with Jezebel, the women’s interest site on celebrity gossip that often puts a feminist twist on issues (though usually one-sided, which is why I have “issues”).  On Sunday night, a post called “Please, Don’t Tell Me that I Look Better Without Make-up” went live.  […]

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