Fashion Week: The Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement – Fall 2013 Edition

Yes, it’s time once again.  This was my ninth time  covering Toronto Fashion Week (I say Toronto Fashion Week because it’s been under several brands since I started back in 2009, ranging from L’Oreal to LG and now, World MasterCard),… Continue Reading

World MasterCard Fashion Week Highlights: Days Two and Three

Day Two:   Menswear line Klaxon Howl’s collection definitely had a bit of a wild west vibe, especially with their women’s capsule collection (the guys’ pieces leaned more towards the signature blue collar look).  True to the brand’s philosophy, the… Continue Reading

Call of the Preppy Wild at Matis by Lucian Matis

This Project Runway Canada alum’s more “casual” line is always a show that I look forward to in Toronto.  Not only are prices more affordable than his “main” line, but the pieces definitely have more use…for the every day woman,… Continue Reading

World MasterCard Fashion Week A.I.N.I. (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement)

Another season has wrapped up for Fashion Week in Toronto, which means it’s time for our A.I.N.I. list of things that were great, not-so-great and downright awful.  Let’s just say that this season, it was much more difficult to find… Continue Reading

Bright Colours and Wearability at Lucian Matis

For the first time, Lucian Matis showed both his “signature” (Lucian Matis) and “contemporary” (Matis by Lucian Matis) lines at World MasterCard Fashion Week.  The past few seasons saw Matis show his couture line outside of “main” Fashion Week.  Last… Continue Reading

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 3 Highlights

Project Runway Canada alumnus Lucian Matis presented both his couture namesake collection as well as his ready-to-wear pieces Matis by Lucian Matis (more on that later).  Other designers today include Whitney Linen (a line of linen apparel with gorgeous pale… Continue Reading