Brad Pitt is 50 – Time for Him to Grow Up?

So Brad turned 50 recently, according to IMDB.  However, despite being well into middle age, he still gives off a very immature vibe at times, especially when it comes to his looks.  In many public appearances, he just seems…sloppy.  I… Continue Reading

Asian Beauty Obsession: BB Creams

BB creams, or blemish balm creams, originally used to protect and smooth out very sensitive skin caused by laser surgery is the latest beauty phenomenon in East Asia.  Practically every line, ranging from local names to western drugstore brands like… Continue Reading

Toronto International Film Festival: September 9 to 19, 2010

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) opens today, Thursday, September 9.  Though much of the action has moved south to the King/Spadina area, Yorkville is still abuzz.  TIFF-related displays have been going up throughout the area, ranging from film-related windows… Continue Reading