Notes on Nordstrom Eaton Centre: Likes and Dislikes

I went back to Nordstrom at the Toronto Eaton Centre this past weekend (so I can get the security tags taken off) and checked out the store in a bit more detail.  All in all, it’s a great place to shop – a happy medium between a The Bay (well, a more “typical” store, anyway […]

J. Crew Phases Out Petites In Stores…Again

The other day, I trekked from my barre class at the King/University area to the Eaton Centre.  Whenever I’m at that mall, I make my usual stops, which often includes J. Crew.  After the December holiday season, I noticed that the store started carrying a small selection of petite sizes.  Good news for a short […]

Petites at J. Crew Brick and Mortar Stores!

Well, at Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre in Toronto, anyway.  I am unsure about petite availability in other cities.  While the collection is very small (for example, only two washes in the Toothpick jean, perhaps three style of dresses and a handful of Tippi sweaters were among the pieces available).  We shorter women no longer […]

Shopping While Petite at Yorkdale: A Positive Thing

SWP.  Shopping While Petite.  It’s often a problem.  You. Just. Can’t. Find. Anything.  Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true – it’s just that you feel awful because everything is too long and at times, it doesn’t look like you can alter the outfits after purchase (or it will cost a fortune).  And, it’s hard to find […]

Online Petite-Friendly Shop: Adela Mei

Adela Mei, run by Stacy Leung and Sasha Moyer, is a California-based, online boutique with a very special focus – petite women under 5’4″.  While their pieces are, for the most part, NOT petite-exclusive (as in the clothes are not petite sized), the aim for Adela Mei is to be a one stop (or rather, […]

J.Crew Brings Petite Denim and Sweaters Back for Select Styles

I just came across the news this morning (after clicking on an email from J.Crew regarding new styles).  J.Crew has NOT sold petite length denim or sweaters in at least five years.  The jeans are available only in the Reid line and have a 30″ inseam.  Sizes are the standard 24-30 and come in six […]

Banning Specialty Sizing Terms: Why It’s a Bad Idea

A few days ago, a Allistyle, well-known plus-sized fashion line posted a link on its Facebook page to an article where model Robyn Lawley wanted the term “plus sizes” banned.  The article quotes Ms. Lawley saying “there is a need for all women to wear all sizes of clothes and we should cater to that […]

Hervé Léger: The Show, Styling and Size Friendliness

Once again, Hervé Léger provided the audience with the typical, bodycon looks.  Ranging from below-the-knee dresses to shorter pieces and some body suits, there really isn’t that much of a deviation, save for a few select styles (namely the fringey skirts).  No surprise, of course.  It’s the signature, after all.  Therefore, it’s probably better to […]

Finding Grown-Up Pieces at ASOS Petites

I was recently contacted by the US rep of British-based online shop, ASOS to review some (complimentary) pieces from their petite exclusive collection.  I have known about ASOS for years – it was introduced to me by the original founder of Petite Fashionista, Christa Jean (she no longer maintains the site and has passed it […]

An Interview Lotus Premium Denim Designer, Sarah Coronado

As a petite woman, I’m always on the look out for petite brands, especially ones that are petite-exclusive.  Back in the summer, I discovered the website for Lotus Premium Denim, founded by California girl, Sarah Coronado.  This line of jeans fits both short and average-height women up to around 5’6″, and is available online.  And […]

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