P&G’s Chinese-Only Crest Ad: Thoughts

I’m of Chinese descent and I am fairly attuned to my heritage (though I cannot read the language).  However, I was really disappointed to hear about the all-Chinese Crest White Strips ad that was seen in Richmond, BC.  While yes,… Continue Reading

The shOws Recap: A Tale of Schoolgirls, Bulky Looks and a Snowmageddon

The Shows, the shOws, Steven Tai, Fashion, Canadian Designers, Storys Building

For the Fall 2014 season, Toronto’s OTHER major fashion event, The shOws, moves to the Storys Building in the Adelaide and University area, not too far from the Tents of World Mastercard Fashion Week.  As usual, there were delicious appetizers… Continue Reading

Fashion Week Epilogue: The ShOws at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

On March 19 and March 20, four Canadian designers presented their Fall-Winter 2012 collects at the ShOws at the Ritz-Carlton, concept started by Pamela Fullerton for Canadian designers who’ve gone abroad to show back home.  For the Fall-Winter 2012 season,… Continue Reading