On Stores, Shopping, Social Media and Customer Content

Over the past few years, bloggers have been very influential for many shoppers, especially if said blogger is a similar size.  Many stores have embraced online comments (Anthropologie, the US Gap Inc. sites (now when will the Canadian sites add this feature?), etc…) and others are getting in on photo sharing.  Canadian footwear chain, Town […]

Dealing With an Uncool Phone

A couple of months ago, my Blackberry died.  And I mean died.  As in I was getting a White Screen of Death.  Though my carrier said that they’d fix it, I was in a hurry to have a smartphone for an upcoming event.  I purchased another Blackberry (no contract) because it was more affordable and […]

My Petite Camera: The Sony NEX 5N

For a very long time, I was shooting not only outfit pictures for this site, but runway and other fashion images for DelectablyChic! (and its predecessor, Prospere Magazine) using an advanced point-and-shoot.  However, I knew that if I wanted better pictures, I needed to invest in a better camera, something with interchangeable lenses.  I got […]

Travel in Ontario: Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Village, located approximately two hours northwest of Toronto, is known primarily as Ontario’s top ski destination resort, however, it has plenty to offer during the green season as well. And although the area is perfectly suited for a fun family vacation, Blue Mountain also has definite appeal if you are in the mood […]

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