OMG! Different-Sized Barbies!

Barbie finally comes in different body types!  Including petite!  I know media are going to focus on “curvy” Barbie, because that’s what media (and body image activists) do, but it’s important to highlight other non-“standard” (whatever that means) sizing as well.  I’m a short girl and as short girls know, we have our own “issues” […]

Hyba: Active Wear for MOST SIZES…including HEIGHTS!

Hyba is a new brand of active wear by Reitmans that has recently launched across Canada.  Unlike many other national brands, Hyba, which has taken over some Smartset stores (also owned by Reitmans), carries a very wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X and inseam lengths varying from 28″ to 34″.  While smaller sizes […]

TRUE to Size Diversity: An Inverview with Dale Noelle of TRUE Model Management

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dale Noelle, a former model and founder of TRUE Model Management, a New York-based agency representing models of all sizes. Ms. Noelle has been involved with the apparel industry since she was very young. She worked at her father’s clothing factories and later owned her own apparel business […]

VAWKing Diversely…Kinda

VAWK showed both the regular line using mostly “standard size” models (a couple looked a bit bigger than what’s “typical) as well as the debut of VAWKKIN, a “regular” collection that is more for the everyday woman featuring “real woman” models (i.e. non-professional) of different shapes and sizes, include (you may remember my rant about […]

Should H&M Have a Petite Line?

I saw a Tweet from @hmusa recently about the fact that the plus department in the US is rebranding from Big & Beautiful to the more appropriate H&M+ name.  Sizes this department will carry will range between 14 and 24.  While I knew that H&M had plus sizes, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll […]

Body Image Challenge for Media, Part II

In 2007, I created a video at Shorty Stories asking the fashion industry, specially media to feature more designers who are specialty sized.  Five years later, very little has changed, so I’m re-issuing the challenge, with some additions, now that both sites have had much more public exposure and social media is more mainstream: New […]

Size is Just a Number: DelectablyChic! on Body Image, Part I

Cynthia Cheng Mintz We read about it constantly on websites, blogs and message boards such as the Huffington Post, Jezebel and For Those About to Shop  about the need to diversify fashion, both in size and in looks.  Every time there’s a post about a plus size model, it’s riddled with comments that are the same each and […]

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