So I read Town & Country…

I don’t usually get too personal on this site, but there have been things I’ve asked myself about.  Most readers know I’m a child of immigrants.  Most readers know, or at least, have guessed that I grew up fairly comfortable, economically speaking.  But despite that, and despite being very comfortable about who I am, my […]

Seriously, People? Lilly Pulitzer Fans Upset at Target Collaboration

I couldn’t believe it when I read the piece on Lucky Magazine’s website.  This HAS to be a joke.  Of course, it could very well be (since it was seen on social media), but if it isn’t, then those women aren’t worthy of wearing Lilly.  The stereotypical demographic of Lilly Pulitzer wearers tends to be […]

Call of the Preppy Wild at Matis by Lucian Matis

This Project Runway Canada alum’s more “casual” line is always a show that I look forward to in Toronto.  Not only are prices more affordable than his “main” line, but the pieces definitely have more use…for the every day woman, anyway.  As usual, the collection is filled with looks that are appropriate for many occasions, […]

Marissa Webb Debuts at New York Fashion Week

Presented as an installation on Saturday, this debut collection by former J.Crew designer, Marissa Webb, is definitely influenced by her experience with the company.  Artsy, yet preppy (but not really “bohreppy” (Boho Prep)), the spring/summer 2013 looks include brightly coloured pieces, basic blacks and whites (including a white fit and flare dress that could be […]

60s and Preppy Looks for Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2012

As we wait for season 6 of Mad Men to premiere next year, we can continue to enjoy many 1960s-inspired looks from Joe Fresh’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  Presented back in March just a week before the season 5 premiere, many of the women’s pieces, which range from swing coats to faux fur and more, just […]

Chainbags and Floral Details at Tory Burch

Always with a touch of preppiness, Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection is no exception.  Gorgeous deep reds and greens team up with blacks, greys and a touch of blue and shine for the upcoming season.  Also included were the floral detailing found in many of the looks, something that is more often seen for spring […]

J.Crew and Express Opening at the Toronto Eaton Centre

…according to their website.  I am assuming that J.Crew will be taking the current Harry Rosen spot (Harry is moving to what used to be McDonald’s later this year) as I can’t think of any other place it COULD go right now (unless Jacob is downsizing and moving elsewhere.  But J.Crew is a third floor […]

J.Crew Opening Another Toronto Store

In case you haven’t caught my post over at DelectablyChic!, J.Crew is opening another Toronto location at the Eaton Centre later this year!  Other stores slated to hit the downtown mall include Express, Pink (opening across from sister store, Victoria’s Secret) and Juicy Couture.   What stores would YOU like to see in Toronto?  What […]

J.Crew has Opened at Yorkdale Shopping Centre!

The sophisticated prep doesn’t need to shop online anymore!  Toronto welcomed the first Canadian J.Crew store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre yesterday.  Though this location sells women’s clothing only, it offers a good selection, including a wide range of sizes.  For those of us who’re tiny, select pieces are available in 00 and most t-shirts are […]

J.Crew Arriving at Yorkdale on 8/18!

If you saw my Tweet yesterday, you already know about this!  I’m pretty excited, though I would venture to guess that there’ll be long, long lines outside the store for the next little while since it’ll be the only J.Crew in Canada for the time being. I also hope that the selection is good and […]

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