Tanya Heath’s Versatile Heels Come to Toronto

Paris-based Canadian shoe designer, Tanya Heath has launched her interchangeable shoe line, Tanya Heath Paris, in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  There are quite a few styles to choose from, ranging from pumps which can go from office-friendly to a fun dinner with friends to a gala with just a change of a heel to ankle boots/booties […]

Some Geox Wish List Items Fall 2014

Before this past summer, I never really considered the GEOX brand!  I don’t know why I never thought of them – perhaps it was because never really promoted in the petite blogging community, despite offering smaller sizes in their basics (they go down to size 4 for many styles) – but I’m glad I did.  […]

The Odd Slipper Now Offering Non-Standard Widths

Yesterday, when I was checking The Odd Slipper to see what new additions they had, I noticed that one of their latest shoes, the camel coloured Faith, is available in wide sizes from 3 to 5.5.  According to their latest email, they are also able to custom order other designs in wide and narrow.  This […]

Hot Pink Pumps From the Odd Slipper!

When I found out about Sindy Sagastume’s  The Odd Slipper, a company that specializes in shoes for small feet (starts at size 3, ladies!), I knew I wanted to try it out. Being a size 4 1/2 or size 5, I have a hard time finding shoes at regular stores.  In fact, it’s become a […]

Latest Peacock Parade Purchases: Sachin & Babi Tops

I think I’ve pretty much satisfied my top collection for the upcoming season – I have bought way too many.  Two of my latest purchases came from Peacock Parade, one of Canada’s flash sale sites . The tops were originally listed as $360 and $295 were purchased at $129 and $89, excluding taxes and shipping, […]

From Shorty Stories: Christian Louboutin and Shoe Vanity Sizing

Yeah, I know. I neglected to mention that I’m finally a proud owner of Christian Louboutins!  The Prorata 90 mm pumps were purchased from a Christian Louboutin boutique in Hong Kong at the oh-so-hard-to-find size 34 (the similar-looking New Simple Pump starts at 35). Yes, size 34. Not 34.5 or size 35.  I don’t think […]

Judge: Christian Louboutin Can’t Have Exclusivity to Red Soled Shoes

I saw this on Twitter earlier and read further in the Globe and Mail and NY Mag.  U.S District Court Judge Victor Marrero has refused a request from Christian Louboutin to stop YSL from selling red soled shoes, citing that they had the exclusive trademark.  However, the judge has said that Louboutin’s claim of the […]

Banana Republic Teaming Up With Mad Men for Capsule Collection

Yesterday, Gap Inc. announced that Banana Republic and Mad Men will be collaborating with each other once again.  However, this year, it isn’t just about sending in photos to get a walk-on role.  Banana Republic will also be teaming up with Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant for a capsule collection of vintage/Mad Men-inspired clothes.  […]

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