Stop Complaining About Lottie Moss and her Height!

Over the past week or so, social media’s been abuzz about Lottie Moss (half sister of 90s supermodel, Kate Moss) signing with Storm, a modelling agency.  Lottie, who is 16 years old, is 5’5″, a pretty average height.  However, that’s… Continue Reading

Body Image Activists: Are Their Campaigns Dangerous?

I’ve always had a problem with body image activists (so much that one particular organization has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page).  Sure, they mean good by encouraging more size diversity in fashion, but are their campaigns healthy? … Continue Reading

Suzanne Gracan Brings Plus Size Yoga to Toronto

Suzanne Grancan was injured in an accident more than 10 years ago that left her barely able to walk for nearly two years.  She gained over 100 lb and went from doctor to doctor, all who only gave her prescriptions. … Continue Reading

A Short, Slim Girl’s View on Body Image

NOTE: This post is for Body Image Warrior Week, which I am participating in.  Many of the points in this post have been written about before on this site, so regular readers, please bear with me . As a short, slim woman, sometimes I feel like I’m not considered “real.”  I’ve freaked a lot of […] Continue Reading

Beauty of a Woman or How I Came To Accept My Petiteness

I’m shorter than my mother.  This is a rarity, especially for first generation Canadians with immigrant parents.  You’re pretty much expected to be taller than your mom.  When I was a little girl, I expected to be around 5’6″ or 5’7″ – one to two inches TALLER than mom.  Never happened.  I reached my current […] Continue Reading

Blogger Profile: Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews

Screen handle:  Toronto Beauty Reviews (TOBeautyReviews) Website: Where are you based? Toronto Why did you start your site? I first started a petite style site to get advice from other petites.  I then started a beauty reviews site to… Continue Reading

Webitor’s Picks: Coach’s Chelsea Collection and the Small Leather Bag

Coach‘s transitional/fall collection is slowly making its appearance in the boutiques and online, despite the very hot weather outside.  I recently received an email from them introducing me to Chelsea, one of their latest collections.  This was also the featured… Continue Reading

RIM’s Playbook Gets Mixed Reviews

According to reports, Research in Motion’s Playbook, which will be released to the public on Tuesday, has been receiving not-so-great reviews from critics.  While many love the device’s ability to run Flash sites and  its fast browser, many did not… Continue Reading

Size is Just a Number: DelectablyChic! on Body Image, Part I

Cynthia Cheng Mintz We read about it constantly on websites, blogs and message boards such as the Huffington Post, Jezebel and For Those About to Shop  about the need to diversify fashion, both in size and in looks.  Every time there’s a post… Continue Reading