From Shorty Stories: Super High Heels: Your Take?

Toronto style blogger Backseat Stylers recently posted about Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection of devastingly gorgeous shoes. While they’re very pretty to look at, practically every one of them has a super-high heel. According to the Charlotte Olympia website, many… Continue Reading

Mushroom Bags at Cydelic by Choryin

The one thing that caught my eye at Cydelic by Choryin were the bags.  Every single one of the models carried one, all mushroom shaped, but designed very differently.  With chains and rod handles, the bags’ styles ranged from animal… Continue Reading

Krane Spring/Summer 2012: Hipstery Suspenders and Manpris

I don’t normally write about menswear, but the Krane show this evening was quite interesting.  Taking place in the studio space, the audience sat on one side, while panels were placed on the other.  A very different set-up.  The choreography… Continue Reading