Food Network Star: Is Joy Being Exploited for her Cuisine Ignorance?

My husband and I have been watching Food Network Star this season and I think I have an idea who the finalists will be.  I won’t say whom just yet, though.  However, I want to talk about one contestant –… Continue Reading

So I read Town & Country…

I don’t usually get too personal on this site, but there have been things I’ve asked myself about.  Most readers know I’m a child of immigrants.  Most readers know, or at least, have guessed that I grew up fairly comfortable,… Continue Reading

P&G’s Chinese-Only Crest Ad: Thoughts

I’m of Chinese descent and I am fairly attuned to my heritage (though I cannot read the language).  However, I was really disappointed to hear about the all-Chinese Crest White Strips ad that was seen in Richmond, BC.  While yes,… Continue Reading