iPad 2 Launches – In Stores 3/11 for US; 3/25 for Canada

Cynthia Cheng Mintz Steve Jobs, who looked amazingly healthy, was on hand at the announcement today.  The iPad 2 will not only be thinner (8.8 mm thick – thinner than an iPhone 4) and lighter (1.3 lb) and faster (up to nine… Continue Reading

Playbook On or Shortly After March 15 and other RIM News

As you probably have realized by now, we here at DelectablyChic! are pretty obsessed with Playbook updates.  A while ago, RIM announced that people looking to develop apps for the upcoming Playbook will be eligible to get a free Playbook… Continue Reading

Still No Official Playbook Release Date? What’s with that, RIM?

Cynthia Cheng Mintz Since last year, Research in Motion has been teasing us with their impending launch of their tablet, Playbook.  The device has been on their website as a “coming soon” and has also made its trips in various… Continue Reading

Non-News Regarding iPad 2 at The Daily Launch

Apparently, a Reuters reporter is “confirming” that iPad 2 (the above picture is of the current iPad) will have a front-facing camera according to SlashGear, as they saw a “working model” with “with a front-facing camera” at an event launching The Daily, Apple iOS’s “newspaper”… Continue Reading

Tablet-Laptop Hybrids: What do you think?

No, we are not time-travelling back to 2005 when we last saw these machines.  Newer, sleaker versions were seen at CES 2011 a few weeks ago, including those that operate on two different systems (the Lenovo IdeaPad Hybrid U1, for example,… Continue Reading

Blackberry Playbook at the CES and Reactions

RIM has released a new video with CES (Consumer Electronics Show) attendees’ reactions to the Playbook: Again, people seem to like the Playbook, especially its ability to multitask, but one thing I really hope RIM would address soon is:  What about… Continue Reading

From the Blackberry Blog: Features of the Playbook!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to Research in Motion‘s launch of their tablet (smablet?  gablet?), Playbook, which is set to make its debut some time this year.  For one thing, it will definitely lighten my Fashion Week… Continue Reading

RIM to launch PlayBook in 2011

The new PlayBook from RIM So it’s not going to be called a Blackpad, but yes, the rumours are true.  RIM will be launching its own tablet computer in 2011.  Called the PlayBook, this 7 inch tablet and forward (3MP) and… Continue Reading