Two Sides of Sydney, Australia

Normally, I think of cities as characters; London is a well-established gentleman and Paris is a pretty girl with surprising sophistication. Sydney, I can’t quite define.  On one hand is a formal, conservative city. Common hearsay is that Melbourne is the cultural capital and Sydney the capital of business.  On the other hand, Sydney is […]

Five Fashion Trends for 2013

With all the fashion preview and trend prediction articles being published, it can be very overwhelming to even think about incorporating so many changes into your wardrobe.  So, we at DelectablyChic!  have put together a list of the top 5 fashion trends that you can easily and affordably incorporate into your lifestyle for an instant […]

Trends and Normal People “Trying Too Hard”

Maybe I’m just getting old, but there are some trends I just don’t “get” or that I find a little rebellious.  I know that sometimes, it’s because people are just following what certain celebrities (mostly musicians like Lady Gaga or her clone, Nikki Minaj), but sometimes, I feel that regular people who dress that way, […]

Fashion Week Epilogue: The ShOws at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

On March 19 and March 20, four Canadian designers presented their Fall-Winter 2012 collects at the ShOws at the Ritz-Carlton, concept started by Pamela Fullerton for Canadian designers who’ve gone abroad to show back home.  For the Fall-Winter 2012 season, designers presenting were: David Szeto, Ruffian, Jean-Pierre Braganza and Jeremy Laing.  I was able to […]

Meet The MAFIA: Avant-Garde Accessories by Two Ottawa Sisters

Victoria and Olivia Van Eyk of Ottawa’s MAFIA are a sister design duo who create some pretty awesome accessories. The duo have been in business since 2007 and are making a great impression in the Canadian fashion scene and abroad. We chatted with the duo to see how they got started and how things have […]

The shOwsTO: Celebrating Art and Style

On Thursday, October 13 and Friday, October 14, Paola Fullerton Inc.’s TheShowsTO focused not only on fashion, but art as well.  Featuring designers as well as fashion-related film and speakers on art and trends, the two-day event, held at the Ritz-Carlton on Wellington Street.  Unlike LG Fashion Week, the “official” Fashion Week for Toronto, no […]

Trend Alert: Wedding Dresses with Bubble Hems

At the recent NYC Bridal Market we had a chance to see tons of gorgeous wedding dresses that will be making us drool all next year, and one trend that was popping back up was the bubble hem, most recently in Adele Wechsler’s 2011 eco collection. The bubble hem adds volume and shape to a […]

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