New BMI Calculation Makes Women ‘Fatter’ and Men ‘Slimmer’?

An article in the Telegraph in the UK published on Monday said that the way we have calculated BMI for years is actually inaccurate.  It made taller people (over 6′ or so) seem heavier, while shorter people (under 5’5″ or so) were seen as slimmer.  The new method reverses the fact, so that those who […]

TopShop Officially Opens in Toronto!

After months of having small sections at The Bay on Queen Street, TopShop and TopMan finally opened its doors at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  Crowds (and a decent size one, considering that it’s a work day) lined up outside of the store, waiting to get in.  Because there was limited space, security was only allowing […]

A Fashion Grad’s Online Resume

French fashion grad, Celine Caveillero created a unique resume, modelled after fashion magazines, to help her find a job in the fashion industry.  The site, which looks eerily like Vogue UK‘s website, has typical resume information such as education and work experience, as well as links to her fashion blog (in French) as well as […]

TopShop at HBC is Here and Scarf Giveaway! – Congrats Nin!

Well, sort of, anyway.  A capsule collection, curated by Tommy Ton, opened at the Bay on Queen Street in Toronto on June 29, one day earlier than originally planned.  The collection consists of Tommy Ton’s favourite TopShop pieces will be at the store until the first OFFICIAL location opens at Yorkdale’s Bay store in September.  […]

LFW: Mulberry’s Going to the Country

With blacks and olives as the dominant shades as well as sparks of green and lavendar here and there, Mulberry’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, presented with a backdrop of shrubs, certainly looked like it was inspired by the English countryside.  Many of the looks even felt like nature, with its dark, mossy tones and flowing fabrics.  […]

Handmade Jewellery from London, England

Two years ago, brother and sister, Algis Abromaitis and Jolita Abromaityte, launched a hand made jewellery line out of London, UK.  Called Jolita Jewellery, these colourful, handmade pieces are created  from material sourced globally and are a great way to spice up one’s little black dress.  Prices for these pieces start at around $75-80 Canadian.  Jolita’s women’s line […]

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