DelecTABLE Designs – What I Wore

Remember the post last week where I asked which shoes I should wear to the DelecTABLE Designs preview party?  I didn’t end up wearing any of them.  Instead, I went with my Christian Louboutin Proratas.  I haven’t fully broken in the my pink Annabels yet, and because the party wasn’t a sit down dinner type […] Continue Reading

Fashionistas Relatively Tame at Versace for H&M/What I Got

Maybe it’s just that we’re Canadian, but unlike Europe and some other parts of the world, clients at the H&M store on Yonge and Bloor in Toronto were relatively well-behaved at today’s launch.  Coloured bracelets were given out to people… Continue Reading

Versace for H&M: Will You Be Waiting?

The Versace for H&M collaboration hits stores in Canada this weekend (launched today in Europe).   I’m probably going to line up, but I know that it’s going to be a zoo.  In fact, I’m expecting concert tickets style lines by… Continue Reading