Weekend Basics for Winter: Long Sweaters, Skinny Pants and Tall Boots

Though Toronto doesn’t necessarily get all that snowy in the winter, thanks to below freezing or borderline freezing temperatures, snow the ground is often extremely wet.  And as a frequent walker and transit-taker, even during the weekend, a wet walkway,… Continue Reading

The Design Exchange Intersects Art and Design

The Design Exchange has reinvented its annual fundraiser from the traditional DX Black and White Gala to the brand new DX Intersection.  The new name reflects the way the event mixes up different crowds, disciplines and cultures in a celebration… Continue Reading

Webitor’s Picks: Summer Dresses for Daytime and Less Formal Wear

It was really difficult to decide on one Webitor’s Pick this week, since summer dresses are a favourite of mine. In this part of the world, the upcoming long weekend (Victoria Day here in Canada and Memorial Day in the… Continue Reading

Webitor’s Picks from the Closet: Shoes with a Hint of Pink of Orange

While blacks, browns and tans are the standard tones for shoes, it never hurts to have some colour, especially pinks and oranges. Here are some shoes that you may want to try which go well much of your closet, yet… Continue Reading