Winterlicious Reservations Starts TODAY (January 12)!!!!!!!

Who is excited for Winterlicious?  The twice-annual ____licious (winter and summer) commences on January 26 and will continue for two weeks.  Many of the regulars are back, including La Societé, Boulud and Oliver & Bonnocini Bayview Village (I always wonder… Continue Reading

Winterlicious 2014 Reservations Start January 16

Yes, tomorrow!  As usual, there will be plenty of restaurants (over 200!) to pick from.  This season, the prices are $15, 25 and 35 for lunch and $25, 35 and 45 for dinner. My husband and I will likely be… Continue Reading

Winterlicious 2013 Starts Next Week!

Have you made your reservations yet?  The usual suspects are back again this season with their prix fixe menus (doesn’t seem that anyone new was added.  Isn’t it time to get some more new faces in?).  Prices have not changed… Continue Reading

Toronto Petite Bloggers’ Get-Together: Winterlicious 2012 Edition

Elaine (Toronto Beauty Reviews), Loretta (Petite in the City), Jessy (The Little Dust Princess) and I (Shorty Stories and DelectablyChic!) got together last night for Winterlicious, the winter edition of the twice-yearly “Licious” event here in Toronto.  This was a long over-due get-together as we had originally planned something before the holidays.  In fact, other […] Continue Reading

Winterlicious 2012: January 27 to February 9

Once again, many of Toronto’s restaurants are participating in the twice-a-year culinary event of ___licious. Some 175 restaurants are participating and as usual, lunches will be $15, $25 and $35 and dinners are at $25, $35 and $45. In addition… Continue Reading

Summerlicious is back in Toronto!

As a chef, I’m always excited by food festivals in the city. Food festivals are excellent exposure for local restaurants, cafes and bistros, and allow Torontonians the opportunity to explore all the culinary delights their city has to offer, at… Continue Reading

High Ceilings Give Peridot a Sense of Coziness

Located on Bloor, just east of Yonge, Peridot Resto.Lounge (above), with its high, two storey ceilings and cozy-esque ambiance is a great place to have dinner on a Friday or Saturday evening.  If you’re looking for a place that is current without being… Continue Reading